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Retired Honorable Norman S. Gerstein

Norman S. Gerstein Esq.

  Since his graduation from the University of Miami School of Law, Norm Gerstein has dedicated his life to the interests of justice and to the needs of the South Florida community. On January 31, 2010 he retired from the Circuit Court after twenty nine years of service as a Judge, and is now a successful Mediator, Arbitrator, Special Master, Umpire and Receiver. He was a highly respected and admired Judge throughout his judicial career, and presided over numerous celebrated and high profile trials. He has been recognized as a life long advocate for the rights of children and persons with disabilities.

​Mediation / Arbitration
  • ​Complex Commercial litigation

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Probate/Guardianship                                         

  • ​Banking & Finance                                                   

  • Trusts/Wills & Estates                                   

  • Personal Injury                                               

  • Product Liability

  • Health and Disability ​                                        

  • Civil rights violations

  • Real Estate Disputes                                              

  • Maritime Law                                     

  • Employment Law

  • Family and Child Custody

  • Professional Malpractice

  • Contract Disputes

  • Negligent Security Cases

Virtual Mediation and Arbitration

Our office uses the Zoom Platform to conduct virtual mediation and hearings. The Zoom Platform is easy to use, confidential and extraordinarily convenient for the parties. Please feel free to get in touch with my office if you need to schedule a mediation, hearing, or if you would like a demonstration on the Zoom Platform.

"The mediator's role is to help facilitate the parties find a resolution to their dispute."

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